Friday, August 5, 2011

Summary of the Bible by Dr. Jay A. Quine

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This summary of the Bible is both the result of the influence of my professors and training at Dallas Theological Seminary, and my natural tendency to be a minimalist.  Therefore what this book contains is a single page summary (at most!) of each book of the New Testament, along with some explanatory items for helpful chronological data and clarification.  Allow me to explain the reason for the peculiar order of these single page summaries, and their contents. 

These summary pages are presented for the most part in chronological order.  This chronology  is based on well substantiated historical evidence from internal (the Bible itself) and external investigation, and also on the premise that the books were largely written by who they claim to be, or which tradition unswervingly offers, in the absence of any good alternatives.  The use of a question mark (?) indicates those instances where the evidence leads to less certain conclusions.  Please note that in a summary work as this, the research and data supporting these conclusions are purposefully not provided in the detail which the demands of scholarship would require. 

The New Testament is presented entirely in its chronological order through an interrelationship with its historical book—the Book of Acts.  I have found it helpful to place where each book of the New Testament was written in accordance with the events of the early church.  Therefore, presented first is an overview of the chronology of the New Testament woven through the Book of Acts, followed by a summary page of each separate book in that chronological order.  This overview is presented in a way which helps me remember each chapter of Acts and the basic content of each book.

It is my hope that this will bring a fresh and helpful perspective of the Bible to you.  May the Lord bless your continued pursuit of understanding His life-changing word!

Dr. Jay A. Quine