Friday, August 5, 2011

Jay A. Quine: The Epistle of James Written Between A.D. 44 - 49

The Epistle of James
Written Between A.D. 44 - 49

Facing persecution and imprisonment from Roman authorities, and severe opposition from Jewish leaders and former associates, the early Jewish Christians lost family and friends, position in society, their jobs, and their homes.  Combined with a severe famine in the land, many early Christians fled Jerusalem (cf. Acts 8:11-12).  James, the leader of the church in Jerusalem, wrote this letter to encourage those who had fled to persevere and live wisely by being doers of the word and thereby mature in faith.

Chapter 1  Persevere
James encourages those scattered to persevere in these  trials, knowing that if they do they will mature and ultimately be rewarded by God.  They should not be tempted to blame God for being tempted to sin and give up, because God is the giver of good things, especially of His word.

Chapter 2  Practice
They should not only hear His word but put it into practice in their lives by not showing favoritism to the rich, but to love all.  As was the case with their ancestor Abraham, their faith is also useless without works.

 Dr. Jay Quine is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., and Ph.D.), the University of Idaho college of Law (J.D.), and Washington State University (B.S.).

Jay A. Quine has served as a pastor for 16 years in Texas, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Jay Quine has served as the Chair of the Master of Divinity Program, and Dean of the College of Biblical Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University.  Later, Dr. Jay A. Quine  served as a Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Published and honored on multiple levels and in many arenas, Dr. Jay Quine is considered to be a voice of legal authority on issues involving church and para-church Christian institutions.