Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Lawyer Look at the Case against Jesus, by Jay Quine

Caesarea Pontius Pilate inscriptionThe People v. Jesus of Nazareth - Matthew 26:57-75
We depend on the Bill of Rights to protect us from the enormous power of government. But what if all your rights were ignored, and you were imprisoned anyway? That’s what happened in the case of the People v. Jesus of Nazareth. Like ours, Israel’s laws protected the accused. But the requirement for two or more witnesses, the rule forbidding night court, and their protection against self-incrimination were all ignored. Pontius Pilate himself submitted to mob rule rather than Roman law by hearing the case without a formal indictment, no subpoena or cross examination of witnesses, and ignoring his own verdict of “not guilty” to be overturned. This is Dr. Jay Quine. Remember, the only appeal Jesus made was to God the Father for your salvation.