Sunday, September 25, 2011

From Danger to Safety, by Dr. Jay Quine

Saint George Preca has been likened as a succe...copying Scripture to Save others - post by QuineRomans 10:13; Acts 16:31 -- SAVED from Eternal Danger!
Climbingout of a cave through a rock-face chimney, my son nearly reached the top butcouldn’t reach the next hand hold. Hecalled out “help me; I can’t make it.” He could have fallen to his death. Instead a man at the top lay downand reaching for my son call out, “Here, take my hand,” and saved him from theplace of danger to a point of safety. This is Dr. Jay Quine, remembering the word “saved”. The Bible describes the greatest place of dangerto be in our sin, separated from God, hell bound to the pit forever. We’ve run out of hand holds. Let me encourage you to cry out for God for help. You can’t make it alone. Let Jesus rescue you to a point of safety,and be saved. Be rescued from danger by reaching your hand out to him and believe that the Lord Jesus died for all of your sins, and rose from the dead to prove a place of safety from death reserved for you. Come to safety by believing in JesusChrist.