Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quine and the Meaning of "Grace"

Minnesota state photograph "Grace" b...'s Gift of Grace, words by Jay QuineRomans 1:7 and Unique to Christianity--Grace
Have you ever wondered why we call I praying at a meal “saying grace?” This is Dr. Jay Quine, and I want you to remember a word today. That word is “grace.” We say at dinner. We may know a girl named “grace.” But the word “grace” describes a gift, a true gift. It is not your birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary, but nevertheless you are given a gift. It means, “unmerited favor.” It cannot be increased because of good behavior; it is not decreased because of bad behavior. It is given independent of you. So the word “grace” is used for the gift of eternal life. It is a gift offered to all, regardless of any effort on your own. Is a gift of God. Grace is a word to remember.