Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quine speaks: Rejoice in Your Failures

Roman bronze reduction of Myron's Discobolos, ...Rejoice in your Failures! post by QuinePhilippians 4:4 Wrong Reasons to Rejoice

We celebrate successes. A benchmark anniversary. The closing of a long negotiated business deal. Emerging victorious in a sporting event. Filing your taxes on time. There are lots of reasons to rejoice. But let me, Dr. Jay Quine challenge you. Do you rejoice when you fail? Do you celebrate when you lose that customer to a competitor. When you lose the game. When you end up paying a tax penalty for delinquent filing. You say, “It makes no sense to rejoice over failures.” But the bible says to rejoice in all things. After all, God is sovereign, loving, and omniscient. He is shaping your character more through your failures than your successes. So, rejoice in your failures, and again I say rejoice.